Tips for going Offline

As stated before, for me the only thing that can make a good webcomic become even better, is getting it in print… in dead tree format!

But… the road from posting your comic online and get it into print can be both long and short, depending on which way you go… selfpublishing, crowdfunding, teamworking with established publishing houses… no matter what road you choose, there’s bound to be hard work ahead.

On this page we will try to collect tips and advice from authors, artists publishers etc. (as yours sincerely is none of the before mentioned) from the webcomic and comic universe and industry, as well as allowing readers and others to give their honest 5 cents in the comments.

The page will be a work in Progress as we’ll add tips and subjects as we come across them as well as having them submitted.

Links to helpful sites:

The Submission Process: What to Submit

– Hogan

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