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Webcomics Offline has been created to make it easy to find the books from your favorite comics and gather a good deal by cross-referencing with other comics to see which can be found at the same bookstores, thereby hopefully saving on shipping and trouble.

– Use the tags associated with the various comics to find similar ones or from the same bookstore in speaking. Always feel free to suggest new tags that will make it easier to sample similar minded comics.

– Cast your vote for the various comics by stating one rating from 1-5 in a Comment (based on book quality, content, extra material, overall enjoyment of reading etc.), noting which volumes you are voting for if there’s more than one in the bookstore in speaking. Only one vote per user is allowed.

Comments only for voting will not be made public, so the voting is anonymously.

– It is strongly encouraged for everybody to give their own honest and blunt reviews to the public of any books on the site. Reviews must be honest and supported by auguments, NO flaming or unsupported critics are allowed. Any comments going down this alley will simply not be allowed to see the light of the day.

Remember, the more feedback you leave, the more others will know up front what they are going to get, and the easier it will be for people to reach a decision.

DO also note that each and every Comment has to go by yours sincerely for approval before being posted. This is primarily because we don’t want to sweep after a spam-bot invasion every other moment, but also to ensure that people play nice… and read well.

– Hogan

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