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Webcomics Offline is meant as a help for artists to spread the news about their comics-in-print, but what can YOU do to help the site expand and become a better tool for both those perusing webcomic books and those making them?

Are you a reader?
– Let us know if there are comics with printed books out yet not included in the site.
– Let us know when there are comics coming up with new books or Kickstarter projects for books being launched.
– Rate and review the books under the various entries as to make it serve as a guideline for others.
– Spread the words (and links) of the site!

Are you an artist?
– Let us know in advance when/if you have new books coming out.
– Help provide missing details about the various items.
– Provide a 468×60 banner to promote the entry-page for your comic’s books, custom made for the site even better! 🙂
– Spread the words of the site, link to the site!

The mail of will always be open!

Thanks in advance!

– Hogan

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