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The Webcomics Offline project is meant as a help to webcomic-artists and -creators, aming to spread the news about their comics and specifically their comics-in-print. Its one of the ways I am trying to give back to the community that has kept me entertained for so many years.

The project itself is, and probably always will be, an infant, it needs to expand and grow in order to fully become a useable portal to webcomics in print everywhere, hopefully bringing readers and revenue to the hardworking artists behind the comics.

So what can YOU do to help the site expand and become a better tool for both those perusing webcomic books and those making them?

Are you a webcomic reader?
– Let us know if there are comics with printed books out yet not included in the site.
– Let us know when there are comics coming up with new books or Kickstarter projects for books being launched.
– Rate and review the books under the various entries as to make it serve as a guideline for others.
– Spread the words (and links) of the site!

Are you a webcomic artist?
– Let us know in advance when/if you have new books coming out.
– Help provide missing details about the various items.
– Provide a 468×60 banner to promote the entry-page for your comic’s books (custom made will be even better and most appreciated!)
– Spread the words of the site, link to the site!

Any suggestions and comments that will help making the site more useable are always welcome.

The mail of will always be open!

Thanks in advance!

– Hogan

A selection of banners provided for linking purpose, please do not hotlink 🙂

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120×60 Button

125×125 Square

234×60 Half Banner
Half Banner

300×100 Rectangle

468×60 Full Banner
Full Banner

Full Banner Generation 2

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