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This site, Webcomics Offline, is what you may call a digital portal leading to books derived directly from webcomics and fully based on online webcomic strips, in short… webcomics in paper-format!

But we already know webcomics… we have them close at hand whenever we are surfing, bookmarked and easy to get to, daily, weekly or random updates, they entertain us, thrill us and usually for free… so why get them in dead-tree editions?”

Well, if there’s one thing that can make a great webcomic better, it is to have it at hand when you need it, to read while you put up your feet on the couch, outside in the lounge chair, in the hammock, on the beach on vacation, in the one place where you hide out for the kids… in short, whenever you are offline and away from your chosen workstation with internet connection.

Off course with the advance of digital readers, the comics and their strips can follow you everywhere while you are in continually contact with the net.
However, there’s just something about taking a book under you arm, to sit down and read it everywhere you please and being able to flip back and forth between paper-pages, that’s just not the same on a digital reader…

Also, perhaps most important, by buying the books of your chosen webcomics you are supporting the artists who bring their works online for us to purvey, sometimes on a daily basis, for free.
Thats the best way for you to show them how much you appreciate their works.

So, step through the portal, take a look around and see if you can find your favorite comics to order and take with you whereever you go, never again having to fear of loosing them should they disappear from the net one day.

– Hogan

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