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What’s cooking on Webcomics Offline?
Which Bookstores have been added recently?
Which Webcomics have new prints out?
Which artists need YOUR help to get their webcomics out in print?

New Bookstores added (within the last week):

20.12.2014 – Misfits of Avalon
16.12.2014 – Quirk’s Evil Little Webcomic
14.12.2014 – Urban Jungle

New Books Added (within the last month):
Updated: 16.12.2014

2014.12.16 - Accursed Dragon Vol. 3Accursed Dragon Vol. 3 2014.12.11 - Sluggy Freelance Book 14Sluggy Freelance Book 14 2014.11.30 - Axe Cop Book 6Axe Cop Book 6
2014.11.29 - Roomies 2Roomies Book 2 2014.11.29 - Shortpacked 5Shortpacked Book 5 2014.11.21 - KiLA iLO Book FourKiLA iLO Book Four

Running Crowdfunding Projects for New Books:
Updated: 20.12.2014

Highly Experimental, The First Book
- Launched 13th December 2014
- Ends 13th January 2015
- Current Status: RUNNING!

No Need for Bushido Vol 2
- Launched 23rd November 2014
- Ends 7th January 2015
- Current Status: RUNNING!

Sorcery 101 Omnibus Vol 1
- Launched 10th November 2014
- Ends 9th January 2015
- Current Status: RUNNING!

See the list of Ended Crowdfunding Projects

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