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New Bookstores added (within the last week):

02.03.2021 – Title Unrelated
28.02.2021 – Celestial Chronicle Shion
26.02.2021 – GAAK
24.02.2021 – Our Super Adventure

New Books Added (within the last month):
Updated: 01.03.2021

O Human Star Chapter Volume 3O Human Star Vol. 3 Jamie Jupiter Volume 6Jamie Jupiter Vol. 6 Jamie Jupiter Volume 7Jamie Jupiter Vol. 7
Jamie Jupiter Volume 8Jamie Jupiter Vol. 8 Finding Dee Volume 8Finding Dee #8 Finding Dee Book 2Finding Dee Book 2
Collectors Volume 5Collectors Annual #5 Rain Volume 3Rain Volume 3 Rain Volume 4Rain Volume 4
Rain Volume 5Rain Volume 5 Leif & Thorn Volume 3Leif & Thorn Vol. 3 Bad Machinery Book 8Bad Machinery Book 8
Bad Machinery Book 9Bad Machinery Book 9 Bad Machinery Book 10Bad Machinery Book 10 Spying with Lana Collection 1Lana Collection 1
Spying with Lana Collection 2Lana Collection 2 Spying with Lana Collection 3Lana Collection 3 Spying with Lana Volume 7Lana Volume 7
Spying with Lana Volume 8Lana Volume 8 Chevalier Volume 2Chevalier Book Two Chevalier Volume 3Chevalier Book Three
Chevalier Volume 4Chevalier Book Tour Phoebe and Her Unicorn Volume 13Phoebe and Her Unicorn Book 13 Cataclysm Volume 4Cataclysm Book 4
Skin Horse Volume NineSkin Horse Volume Nine Skin Horse Volume TenSkin Horse Volume Ten Charlie and the Ghost Volume 3Charlie and the Ghost 3
Darius Volume 1Darius Volume 1 New Campus Safari Volume 1New Campus Safari Vol.1 Cataclysm Volume 2Cataclysm Book 2
Cataclysm Volume 3Cataclysm Book 2

Running Crowdfunding Projects for New Books:
Updated: 21.02.2021

But I’m A Cat Person – Complete boxset
– Launched 27th March 2021
– Ends 21st February 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

The Oswald Chronicles: We Were Just Passing Throug Issue 1+2
– Launched 3rd February 2021
– Ends 27th February 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Magic & Muses Vol. 3
– Launched 1st February 2021
– Ends 4th March 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Ctrl+Alt+Del 2.0 Comic Book Collections
– Launched 28th January 2021
– Ends 27th February 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Go Get A Roomie Volume 3
– Launched 23rd January 2021
– Ends 22nd February 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Transformed Volume 1
– Launched 22nd January 2021
– Ends 21st February 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

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