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New Bookstores added (within the last week):

30.11.2020 – Sithrah
28.11.2020 – The Princess is a Total Deviant
26.11.2020 – Follower
24.11.2020 – Fur Piled

New Books Added (within the last month):
Updated: 29.11.2020

Dumbing of Age Vol. 9Dumbing of Age Vol. 9 The Whiteboard 17The Whiteboard 17 The Whiteboard 18The Whiteboard 18
The Whiteboard 19The Whiteboard 19 The Whiteboard 20The Whiteboard 20 Neva Knownes Volume 2Neva Knownes Issue Two
Atomic Robo Volume 12Atomics Robo Vol. 12 Starfighter Chapter FiveStarfighter Chap. Five Trying Human Volume 3Trying Human Vol. 3
Adam the Martian Volume 6Adam the Martian Vol. 6 The Complete Girls With SlingshotsThe Complete GWS Sfeer Theory Issue ThreeSfeer Theory Cat. Three
The Deadlys Issue 20The Deadlys #20 The Deadlys Issue 21The Deadlys #21 Dark White Volume 3Dark White Chapter 3
Dark White Volume 4Dark White Chapter 4 Digger OmnibusDigger Omnibus Finding Dee Volume 6Finding Dee #6
Finding Dee Volume 7Finding Dee #7 Max Overacts Volume 2Max Overacts Vol. 2 Erfworld Book 2Erfworld Book 2
Erfworld Book 2, Issue 1Erfworld Book 2, Issue 1 Erfworld Book 2, Issue 2Erfworld Book 2, Issue 2 Erfworld Book 2, Issue 3Erfworld Book 2, Issue 3
Tile Volume 6Tile Volume 6

Running Crowdfunding Projects for New Books:
Updated: 13.11.2020

Black Ball Issue 3
– Launched 5th November 2020
– Ends 5th December 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

The Devil’s Panties Volume 12
– Launched 3rd November 2020
– Ends 3rd December 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Widdershins Volume Nine
– Launched 16th October 2020
– Ends 15th November 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

See the list of Ended Crowdfunding Projects

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