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New Bookstores added (within the last week):

29.10.2020 – Adam the Martian
27.10.2020 – Bell Ringers
25.10.2020 – Verboten
23.10.2020 – Gender Slices

New Books Added (within the last month):
Updated: 28.10.2020

The Goddamn Panty Brigade Volume 2The Goddamn Panty Brigade Volume 2 Tales of the Emerald Yeti Volume 4The Emerald Yeti #4 Lanterns of Arcadia Volume 1Lanterns of Arcadia vol 1
The Collected Dork Tower Volume IXDork Tower Volume IX Catana Comics Volume 3Catana Comics Vol. 3 Love Kills Slowly Volume 4Love Kills Slowly #4
A Deviant Mind Volume 7A Deviant Mind Vol. 7 Plume OmnibusPlume Omnibus Plume Volume 3Plume Volume 3
Plume Volume 4Plume Volume 4 O Sarilho Chapter 3-4O Sarilho Chap. 3+4 O Sarilho Volume 1+2O Sarilho Vol. 1+2
Lunarbaboon Volume 2Lunarbaboon Volume 2 Little Guardians Book 3Little Guardians Book 3 Unshelved Volume 12Unshelved Vol. 12
Jay's Internet Fight Club Volume 9Jay’s Internet Fight Club Vol. 9 Phoebe and Her Unicorn Volume 12Phoebe and Her Unicorn #12 Misfile Hell High Book 3Misfile Hell High #3
Finding Home Volume 3Finding Home Vol. 3

Running Crowdfunding Projects for New Books:
Updated: 20.09.2020

Avialae Chapters 1-6
– Launched 18th September 2020
– Ends 18th October 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Leif & Thorn Volume 3
– Launched 16th September 2020
– Ends 17th October 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Daughter of the Lillies Volume 1
– Launched 16th September 2020
– Ends 16th October 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Ava’s Demon Volume 1
– Launched 15th September 2020
– Ends 14th October 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Skin Horse Volume 9 + 10
– Launched 30th August 2020
– Ends 1st October 2020
– Current Status: RUNNING!

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