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Welcome to the central Hub for the internet related projects of L.P.Hogan, aka K.B.Jensen, but otherwise known mostly as just... Hogan.

Realm of the Dragoneers

This is where is all started...
D&D was my major hobby back in the days, and therefore it was most appropiate that my first homepage to see the light back in 1997, was to became a collective hub for all the creations and ideas that came to influence the game with my friends, and over the years, be it from me, my players or people from all over the web submitting their stuff.

When I slowly slid away from roleplaying back in the early 2000's, due to life continuing, players getting work and family and so on, not to mention me getting regular internet connection, I found a new hobby... webcomics!
One faithful day in 2005 I decided, for the fun of it, to set up a site dedicated to cataloguing all the cameos/crossovers/references infecting the various webcomics of the world... little did I know how that would turn out!

After having enjoyed webcomics for so many years, free on a daily basis, I wanted to give something back to the artists who'd entertained me for so long. For some time I toyed with various ideas, and when a good friend was working on publishing his own book, I decided in 2013 to launch the site of Webcomics Oflline, a site dedicated to help spread the words of webcomics in print and hopefully get more people to buy the books and thereby support the struggling artists behind them.

The Webcomics

Over the years of working with both the Webcomic Crossover & Camero Archive as well as Webcomics Offline I've met and befriended a lot of other Webcomics Enthusiasts as well as artists, and I've been lucky enought to team up with some of those and create webcomics of our own... with me as the Writer since my skills at art are... lacking :)

The first webcomics I wrote the majority of the scripts to where CameoComic and Evil Overlords, but key comics in the multi-comic webcomic collaborative project of the The Crossover Wars which took place back in 2007.

Whereas Evil Overlords has been quiet for some time now, CameoComic is currently ongoing with a storyline titled Cowboys & Crossovers created by artist Ron Bender and I, a storyline which can be found as stand-alone comics here and here.

Over the years the work with the Archive and other webcomic related projects has also spawned the annually Halloween Cameo Capers, collaborations between webcomic artists of the net where I usually take a back seat and sticks to reading, enjoying and cataloguing.
The Capers had a good 11 year run and a compilation of all the strips involved can be found here:

Halloween Cameo Capers of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Orion Sagaen

The longest continually running Danish live roleplaying game (LARP), hosted annually from 1996-2010 and of which I managed to be the only one never to miss an episode! (off course, I was part of the crew hosting it for most of those...)
The site has been rehosted here after the original site was disbanded as the game finally took a natural ending after running 15 years.
One should note that at present the site is only in Danish.

The Dragonboard Forum

The Dragonboard Forum was originally set up in 2005 as a forum for roleplayers in association with the main site of Realm of the Dragoneers. It never did get much use as such, and nowadays its more or less irregulary frequented by Webcomic Artists and other Ethusiasts.